Pearl River Delta will Not Build New Ceramic Factory

2017-09-13 16:13:07

According to the department of environmental protection of Guangdong province, the general office of people’s government of Guangdong province has officially released the Strengthened Prevention Measures and Scheme of Air Pollution of Guangdong Province(hereinafter referred to as Strengthened Scheme), with the aim of improving air quality of Guangdong province. The Strengthened Scheme requires the cities which did not meet air quality standards to change their situations by the end of 2020. And it prohibits building high-sire buildings in the ventilation corridor, and also requires that there should not be newly built ceramic factory in the cities in Pearl River Delta and city Qingyuan.
Therefore, Foshan plans to introduce Implementation of Strengthened Prevention Measures and Scheme of Air Pollution of Guangdong Province in Foshan(hereinafter referred to as Foshan’s Implementation). Currently, it is seeking comments from the public. Foshan’s Implementation shows that it will make tough controls on the pollutants, like particles, nitrogen dioxide, ozone. And it will try to reduce emissions of the pollutants with a variety of methods so as to increase the ranks of Foshan’s air quality in the nation. It is expected that, Foshan’s air quality can meet the National Ambient Air Quality Secondary Standards by the end of 2020.
Foshan’s Implementation also requires all districts to shape the plans to regulate the small and rambling companies which exhaust emissions randomly. The plans should be handed in by the end of 15th September. The districts should also carry out deep investigation to make the list of pollution enterprises and put forward regulative measures and regulative time lines.  
In order to improve the layout of the city, Foshan will not approve the installation of high pollutant kilns and boilers and will prohibit the construction or expansion of thermal power units with coal and oil. And Foshan will not build or expand ceramic factories and glass factories. All the existing ceramic and glass factories should gradually use natural gas in the production procedure. By the end of December this year, Foshan will close the existing domestic coal stores in line with the law.  
Foshan’s Implementation will also strengthen the governance on violate organic pollutants and encourage the third party to help the companies to make professional treatment in the fight against VOCs pollution. On 1th October, the nitrogen oxide emissions of a company should be 100mg/Nm3 at most. And before 1th November, all the lorries should transport the construction wastes and powder in closed containers and be equipped with satellite positioning device.

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