Go to Russia to find business opportunities

2017-05-02 14:24:33

Moscow no tears, snow swirling!
March in Russian did not have the warmth of spring. The weather in Moscow changed very fast, sometimes snow flying, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy. The Russian fighting national character is also like the weather in Moscow, strong and cold. "Moscow no tears, snow, you cold and tired" This lyric is my real feelings in Moscow these days.
Russian people turned out to be like this?
Russian people understand enjoy life, but Russia have congenital deficiencies. It has the world's largest land area, in addition to oil and natural gas, other resources are not rich and weathers are in bad condition. One of Russia’s characters is focus on some big things (such as military), don't really care for details. In order to enjoy better life, most Russian local goods are import from other countries.  Russia's economic structure is single, mainly dependent on energy exports. After the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis in 2013, the Western countries imposed sanctions on Russia, the Russian economy deteriorating. In this case, Russia appeared a number of enterprises to buy semi-finished products from abroad, processing and sale in home country. Agricultural machinery and food has made some development, the economy has been restored in the past two years, especially this year the economy improved significantly. More people participate in the exhibition than previous years.
Where are our commercial opportunities?
With the Continuous quality improvement of China's ceramic products and machinery equipment, and domestic overcapacity, market saturation. Many enterprises turn to find opportunities on aboard. as a large import country, Russia attract many attention. The Moscow BATIMAT Building Exhibition held in Moscow CROSUS EXPO, the exhibition area is nearly 100,000 square meters, exhibits ceramic, ceramic machinery equipment and raw materials, all kinds of doors and windows, flooring, stone and interior decoration. CCPIT-BM also went to the exhibition; understand the Russian local ceramic market situation from the Russian local associations and organizers. Russia's ceramic products mainly imports from China, Europe, Iran and Turkey and other regions, China's is the largest provider, accounting for about 20% of ceramic imports, the Russian ceramic raw materials mainly from the Russia and Ukrainian, ceramic machinery equipment are mainly imports from Italy , Spain and Germany. Due to the improvement of Chinese ceramic machinery equipment and cheap price in the past two years, some Russian companies did the local market survey; considering the replacement of the use of Chinese machinery equipment. So China's ceramic machine has market in the Russian market. We expect China's ceramic machine can enter the Russian market as soon as possible.

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