CCPIT-BM visited India ceramic enterprises were exhibiting

2017-05-02 14:36:35

Early spring of Beijing, it is the spring bloom, everywhere full of vitality.
March 1-3, the staffs of CCPIT-BM with the full love of ceramic industry, confidence and mission of the development of China's ceramic industry arrived in Gujarat, India. We visited the ceramic enterprises were exhibiting, started the first stop of 2017 global ceramics Promotion.
In China's ceramic industry overcapacity, grow slowly today, CCPIT-BM specially pay attention to the development of new technologies in ceramic industry. CCPIT-BM have carried out in-depth investigation and research to enhance the overall innovation capacity of the ceramic industry, deepen international cooperation, accelerate the development of high-end equipment, green intelligent development, new materials and other emerging technologies, and carefully listened to the relevant units to actively participate in the relevant meetings.
Next, they will go to Indonesia, Russia, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Italy, Vietnam, Germany and other countries, held a global promotion tour for the 2018 Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhibition.
At work, if you have any questions that you need to consult, please call the CCPIT-BM.

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